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What we do.

Polo Music Tech can offer the following services:-
To quickly and effectively browse through out library, We have created the musical theme/motive
or piece of music for each image, inspired by the single images.
"The same process as when building a score, based on the script, the single frame images and the director’s requirements".

This means that you can easily identify – in a visually friendly way – the category for which the music has been conceived, based on the name (theme) of the category itself. AUDIOREPERTORY
Examples: Action: desert battle scenes; the marvellous sand dunes conjure Berber motives or songs; the images of meetings are incorporated with the opening music scores/themes for conventions. The same applies to the other categories.
Once you have identified the sound material(s) of interest for you, each item features a short description, highlighting the type of license to which it belongs, by means of a letter code.
If, for example, the item is accompanied by the letter A, its use falls under the A-type license.
While, the B-type license applies to the items accompanied by the letter B.
Our sales strategy is as simple and direct as possible for this type of service.

Why buy a simple B-type license or an exclusive A-type license?
We think it is expedient to make our library available to all those who are looking to use a piece of copyrighted music, even for a short period of time.
This means that, each time the tracks are edited and placed in sync with images for short periods
of time, such as a show or a convention, any one-off event where a company is presenting-promoting its products, and does not intend to reutilise the same score in the future, perhaps because it will be presenting a new line of products the following season
and desires to associate its brand image with a new score.

This is the case of a non-exclusive B-type license.
A B-type license therefore is the best solution for making available music scores at truly competitive prices, to a broad spectrum of customers, ranging from broadcasters to small businesses and private individuals. Prices
All B-type licenses are non-exclusive, which means that the relevant tracks can be bought, via our website, and used by anybody, for any amount of time, at the conditions set out in the
Terms of Service
A-type license.
At this point, the key importance of enhancing one’s brand image by means of an exclusive theme, track or motive, will be very clear, because of the motive/brand identification effect, one of the purposes of corporate marketing.

It is unthought-of, or unadvisable, in any business activity, to use the same audio synchronisation to identify two or more different brands or corporate marketing strategies. Even if the one from the other part of the world. This is the case of our A-type licensing, which will enable you and your business to have full control over the music work, in an exclusive capacity.
Polo Music Tech will remain the holder of the Copyright of the work(s) licensed out
– under an A-type license – for an indefinite period of time, consistently with the terms
and conditions entered into.

Our A-type licensing A-type licensing fees are also very reasonable. Prices
All tracks licensed under an A-type license come with the following rights:
Once you receive the musical work, you will be its sole proprietors.
You alone will be authorised to manage the work, according to all the authorisations garanted to you. View your rights in paragraph 2.0 of the Terms of Service

When you purchase the right to use a musical work under our A-type license, we will immediately remove it from our website and undertake not to enter into any subsequent negotiations
with any other party, with respect to the purchase or use of the same Master.
This applies also in the special cases specified in the following paragraph of our Terms of Service.
Our rights. Paragraph 6.1 of the Terms of Service

Therefore, you are kindly invited to view all our terms and conditions of contract and
to acknowledge the rights and duties transferred to you. Terms of Service.

For any further information or clarifications please do not hesitate to contact us at
mail to:commercial@polomusictech.com
Phone +39 0 433 87022