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Terms of Service

1.0 Polo Music Tech is the producer and sole proprietor of its library and, in this capacity, grants the users and final purchasers of its works, under a regular agreement, the following rights, for the use thereof.

2.0 Users’ rights
The legitimate owners of a musical work are entitled to reproduce the work to an audience, in any environment and using any means.
Reference should also be made to paragraph 5.1 in this respect.

2.1 Nothing is due in royalties and synchronisation rights to the above mentioned company, because the user becomes the owner of the work on the purchase thereof.

2.2 [Applicable only to the holders of an exclusive license]
The work may be used for purposes other than those for which it was purchased, as specified
by the purchaser and set out in the relevant agreement, subject to prior authorisation by the group/company to which you belong. Namely, if the work is purchased to be used as background music for your corporate website, you shall be free to use it for any other marketing strategy purpose, such as conventions, sound sync in audiovisuals, radio/TV commercials, relating to your company alone.

3.0 Your obligations
You are not authorised to transfer the library of the producer, Polo Music Tech, to third parties.
You shall become the proprietor of the purchased work(s) solely within your group/company
to which the work(s) shall be transferred on purchase, and with the specification of their intended use – as mentioned in paragraph 2.3 above – in the case of exclusive license holders (A).

3.1 Unless you are an advertising company, music agency or multimedia services provider, and always subject to prior agreement with the undersigned company, you shall not be authorised to sell or serially reproduce the sound material, for reasons other than the reasons set out and specified in the agreement entered into by the parties.
You are therefore invited to make sure that the material transferred to you is not then made available to third parties.

4.0 Our obligations
Once the work has been transferred, under an agreement signed by the relevant parties
we shall email to you a link with a password to access the server and download the following audio formats:     Now Immediate Download with PayPal !
WAV "PCM" 44khz/16bit, 48khz/24bit, MPEG layer, mp3 stereo at a bitrate of 256kBit/s.
Other formats may be made available by our engineering department.

4.1 [Applicable only to the holders of an exclusive license]

Subsequently, you will receive a package, by ordinary mail, containing the physical backup medium with the entire range of professional audio formats: 48khz for videos, 44khz/16bit for standard audio CDs. All the mp3 formats already made available for downloading. Any audio format requested for your needs may be made available, based on your authorisation, within the timeframe of this negotiation. The mastering process shall be carried out using  TASCAM®  equipment
capable of recording in WAV/PCM format up to 192 khz.

4.2 [Applicable only to the holders of an exclusive license]
The tracks shall be removed from listening, before they are made available in the section for sale. However, we shall request your competent department to allow us to enter you in the space reserved to our customers, for corporate marketing purposes.
If you refuse permission, the audio will be entered only among the transferred works, with no reference to the purchaser, guaranteeing full confidentiality and anonymity.

5.0 Our rights
Polo Music Tech is the owner of and solely liable for our music library.
We are entitled to the right to protect our works and to ensure that they are used in accordance with the relevant agreement. Any use that does not conform to or comply with the above mentioned provisions shall be referred to our legal department for necessary action.

Please read this paragraph carefully.
5.1 Polo Music Tech is a division of Polomusic® Italy, an independent record label.
We reserve the right to process the works we own, in respect of any projects targeting the record market and international distribution on the various
sales platforms.

5.2 [Applicable only to the holders of an exclusive license]
In this case, before proceeding with a production, “for obvious reasons” you will be contacted beforehand and consulted, with respect to your outcome in the distribution of the work, suited to a record context. You will, of course, remain the exclusive owners of the rights to the Master recording transferred on purchase. And nobody else apart from yourselves.
Nobody can therefore infringe or exploit the image created originally by its use/purchase.

{On the contrary, we are firmly convinced that we are providing a service by helping the ear of a refined listener connect the motive to the corporate brand. With an absolutely favourable outcome for the owners of the original work.
In any case, we are willing to carefully consider any negative feedback from you.
It is understood that the case featured in paragraph 5.1 above is rare and of very difficult occurrence.     Download pdf format
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