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A Type License "exclusive"

Desert Music Track 1

Catalog Number - PMTA001DE

License Type A Type License pdf

Price Including VAT, Euro: € 290,40.

We are sorry, this license is not available at the moment.

B Type License

You are purchasing Desert Music Track 1

Catalog Number - PMTB001DE

License Type B Type License pdf Royalty free

Price Including VAT, Euro: € 25,00.

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Desert Music Track 1

  Cut1 - SMPTE 0:01:13:00
  Cut2 - SMPTE 0:00:36:00
  Cut3 - SMPTE 0:00:38:00
  Cut4 - SMPTE 0:01:26:20
Master-SMPTE 0:04:25:00
Desert Trk 1: Available.
Licenses Available: B Type License. - Royalty Free.

Technical info
Audio Formats: All incuded in your download !
.wav 48khz/24bit - Video Format Quality. "MASTER"
.wav 44khz/16bit - CD Audio Quality.
.mp3 256kbps - Audio Compression Algoritm.
Execution Times: Master 4'25'', Extracts 1'13'', 36'', 38'', 1'26".
Available HI Resolutions up to 192khz/24bit. "192ks/s PCM" .

Desert Trk 2 : not available

Desert Trk 3 : not available

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