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Has been created to meet the needs of all those working in the audiovisual, business management and marketing sectors, who are responsible for finding the musical score, theme or motive best suited for their company or customers.
Too often, finding the right musical score/theme for a business strategy or project can turn into a rather daunting, time consuming and even cost-intensive task.
This is primarily because of the search effort involved and, above all, of the vast amount of red tape businesses are faced with, in their dealings with music publishers and copyright holders, with respect to synchronising sound with their videos, graphics and texts.
Red tape which, obviously, requires completing application forms and paying fees and copyright royalties. “We wish to remind you that music authors and musicians owe their income to these companies as well!”

Of course, we also wish to offer our services and provide support to all the agencies operating in the multimedia sector, and their advertising creatives, because a commercial spot often requires a suitable musical score/sound design capable of best representing the customer’s brand image, consistently with the allocated budget.
“Obviously, unless the customer has decided to buy the rights to an established hit”.

Polo Music Tech’s aim is to make its music library available – at competitive prices – under two distinct licensing arrangements. Absolutely Royalty free!
Based on the presumption that, with regard to the final product, there are generally two different types of customers, with different needs, we have developed and can offer two separate licensing arrangements, which can be viewed at PolomusicTech What We Do

In short, since Polo Music Tech is the sole owner of its music library, we are in a position to offer our customers direct access to its content, under license, for a fee.

Our customers, as the final users of our music library, are entitled to the rights set out in detail in the Terms of Service which, in a nutshell, consist of the right to synchronise and transmit musical compositions through all the most widespread multimedia systems, such as telephones, websites, podcasts, widget streaming, besides all digital sound media, in public performances and through public broadcasting (radio and TV), at conferences, conventions and events, through loudspeaker systems, and in all public places, obviously in accordance with the rights and obligations set out in the licensing agreements. Terms of Service
Polo Music Tech also provides all-round post-production services and custom musical creations. Our studios can audio/video sync any images supplied by you, delivering a Master DVD,
which you can then copy at will.

If you’re interested in custom musical creations with bespoke times and sound effects, email our Technical Support at: tech@polomusictech.com with as much info as you can, to enable us to fully comprehend your needs.
We will get back to you asap with a more accurate estimate of delivery times, although the average waiting time for the job is between 1 and 3 months, depending on the length/difficulty of the soundtrack. Such lengthy delivery times have been necessary, in the past, to develop custom themes/scores – consisting of about 30’ of live soundtrack – for various fashion designers, for their Spring and Autumn collection shows at the Tokyo Collection.

Any questions or requests relating to the sampling frequencies and data transmission formats, and all other sound engineering matters, can be answered by reading our Terms of Service. Our duties. Paragraph 5.2 of the Terms of Service You can email out Technical Support at
mailto: tech@polomusictech.com

For any further information or clarifications please do not hesitate to contact us at
mail to:contact@polomusictech.com
Phone/fax +39043387022
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